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I assess each patient’s whole health to understand the individual's condition and needs.    Make sure to tell any health care provider about any western or herbal medicines you are taking.

My goal when treating acne and other skin conditions with acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary therapy is a significant reduction in lesions (pimples, cysts, etc.)

Very fine and short needles are applied to points that send signals to strengthen (as in digestion or immunity), reduce (inflammation, known as heat) and move stagnant energy. Treatments with acupuncture work to make the whole body healthier, and in the process resolve the acne from the inside out.

Treatment program

  • 10 Acupuncture sessions
  • and herbal medicine
    • 2 doses per day
    • for 1 month

Usually acupuncture and herbal medicine together are required for severe acne or other skin problems.

The herbal medicine will be made of many herbs in dry form.  The herbs are selected specifically for you and your condition.  The herbs are prepared by boiling the herbs to extract the therapeutics from them, then packaged in an airtight packet.  

If a patient doesn’t want to take herbal medicine, it will take longer to get results. Diet change can be equally important for the good results you want in reduction in redness, pimples, and blackheads.

Other Benefits

The benefits of acupuncture extend beyond a patient’s poor skin, and usually long after treatment has discontinued.  For example, regular acne creams are just suppressing the underlying imbalance in the body.  Acne cremes can also cause side effects like irritation and dry skin.

Many patients also see improvements in:

  • digestion
  • sleep
  • stress levels and energy

Acne and Other Skin Treatment